Reporting - PDF Templates = Landscape

Hello Guys

Anyway to make the reporter PDF template be landscape by default?


Hi Taufique,

There is no support for a landscape layout from the UI although you could modify the php files to generate a landscape pdf.



Hello Will

Thanks for the quick reply!

Going through the php files way - Could this be set to individual reports?


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If anyone is still looking for this, we, Lion Solution as SuiteCRM partner, developed and gave to the community as little contribution to the SuiteCRM project an addon that does it:

If you want to download it from the Labs and use it, you’re most welcome!

You could set the “Landscape” format in each Report. By the way: it’s upgrade safe.

We tested it on version 7.10.14 and 7.10.27
Thank you in advance if you could give us any feedback about compatibility with other versions.

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