Reporter - Current User Condition & Parameters

Hello Guys

I have been asked to look into homepage reports that automatically bring the results to the “assigned to” user of the record

We have been through the reporter and have found the Equals > “Current User” but can’t seem to get this to work exactly how we need

For example

  • Report module is Form

  • I have multiple fields using the form module and other related modules

  • if I put No conditions = results are in full

  • Condition = “Form assigned to” “username” > Equal to > Current User

I have tested this with assigning records to multiple different users and logged in as them, all get 0 results

When I change the condition to “NOT Equal” Current User - it shows all results regardless of this condition (includes Current user assigned to)

Can anyone suggest what I maybe doing wrong or is this a known issue within this condition?

Thanks again for the help

Did you find out how to do this? I too would like to have reports (on the dashboard) show only the user’s records.

Yes, works great!

I was looking in the wrong place :slight_smile:

If for example your key module is “Accounts”

Within the first list that appears there is “Assigned to”

Using this as the condition = current user works great