Reportable checkbox in Product field editor

I am adding a field to the Product module to be able to specify the product’s Supplier.
I have added a dropdown under Account Type to “accounts” for the selection of an Account as a Supplier.

Everything going ok but the instructions to the right inside the module Studio where the fields are added is referencing the checkbox to make the field reportable just below the “Required Field” checkbox and above the “Audit” checkbox.:

“Select the Reportable checkbox in order to allow the field to be used for filters and for displaying data in Reports.”

This checkbox is not available and would be a great item to turn on so I can report products by supplier. Any help for the missing checkbox? :huh:

Hi tropicalcrm,

The reportable “true/false” should be set to True when you create a custom field, like a dropdown. So if you create and Save the dropdown, it will automatically be reportable. Some fields, however, are set to “False” by default, such as Relate fields.

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