Report to show all Sent emails - how do I show the email address and the Related To record?

I have set up a Report so that I can see all of the emails that have been sent. I can show Type, Date Sent/Received and Subject (as a link) but I can’t figure out how to show the email address it went to or the related Contact?
Help appreciated!

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Do you want to do this?

Hello and thank you for replying!

It’s the Contact related to the Email that I am looking to display - this is the report and I can see the list of emails that have been sent but I can’t see the related Contact no matter which way I select it?




  1. I recommend to do start point from module Contact not from Email. Look at my the first post.

  2. If you decide to stop at module Emails then:

  • open Emails:Contacts
  • open Email Address
  • select Email Address

Thanks! That helped, much appreciated.