Report on Opportunity Roles

I’d like to create a report of Opportunity name, and then the contact who is the “decision maker” on the opportunity. I can seem to find the fields for the opportunity role in the report module.

I’m thinking I might need to create a relationship first?

Has anyone done this and can point me in the right direction?

Opportunities already have a relationship with Contacts as standard

Select Opportunities from the module dropdown

in the module tree, grab your fields for the opp

then select contacts and choose the fields from there

for example

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Yes, thank you for your reply. I can grab the contact names no problem. But I want the contact with the “role”= decision maker for the opportunity. That’s what I’m struggling with.

I just want to do the same thing… did you find a solution for this?

Hey Ruvin,

I don’t really remember what project that was for or if I solved it. It was so long ago. I kind of think I didn’t or I would have posted a solution or remember what it was.