Report fields with no data

when i run a reports they come back with no data, i’ve managed to get the reason down to hte fact that for certain fields such as “other” on the acciunt entity there is no data, as they either dont use one, or other isn’t applicable, but on the report i’d like to the accounts come up anyway.

The only conditions i have on the report filters are that the account type is a customer (which there are a few)

Is this working as intended or have i missed something?



What version of SuiteCRM did you install? The latest version 7.5 has updated the reports module to contain AND and OR conditions. Is this is what you mean? Or do you mean that results don’t return if you are including a related module into the conditions?

im on 7.5, and the and or works for the conditions but not for the displayed fields where the data isn’t available.

See screenshot for how my fields are setup - this particular report returns 1 result because i made sure all the fields were filled in on the actual project.

If any are blank they aren’t returned, even though the only condition i have is that they are active, should return more

so third attachement is all the active projects, which i would expect to show even if all the fields aren’t filled out?

Apologies, I not quite grasping the issue.

If any of the record’s status is set to ‘empty’ you see them even if you have a condition of ‘active, something etc etc.’ ?

No sorry ill start again,

All the projects are marked active
The only condition i have on the report is that it shows only active projects

on the fields to show in the report i have about 10 different ones
if any of the fields i want to see on the report dont contain values on the project itself, they dont show up on the report

what i would expect the report to show would be all my projects, and the fields tha tdont contain data to be blank, but there are no rows at all unless i go into the projects and put in data into every field that i want to see on the report -

However some of these fields are irrelevant based on other field values.

Example - on account i have 2 fields, ERP Used (which is a dropdown menu) and other ERP Used ( which is a text field)

If someone already chose an ERP they wouldn’t need to fill in the “other” field, but by not filling in the “other field” it wont show this account on the report, because both fields are required on a report that shows me what ERP my account use.

hope thats a bit clearer.

Yes it does, thanks.

so is it meant to work like that or am i doing something wrong?

I am trying to replicate this on my end at the moment. I haven’t been able to do this and I am using 7.5.1 - I’m setting up a scenario in 7.5.3 in case its in the latest version.

One thing to ask, Your ‘Account’ field, is this a relationship or just a number field as I don’t see the Projects:Account label when you link in a related module in a report on your screenshot.

Did you recently upgraded or is this a fresh install?

Thats a relate field to accounts module that i’ve put on the projects form

also this is a fresh install

-.- sorry i’ve just re looked at my reports and i was looking at the wrong status field on them - it is now pulling through everything.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: