Report export to excel mixing up data?

Hi guys,

I created a report that when exported in pdf format or displayed in onscreen is fantastic. but I try and export it by clicking on export and the follow happens?

I get data from one cell put in a different cell randomly.

for example

date 19/10/2014
location 68 farm lane, London. me8 5jd
Agent john tenner

When I export it, the following happens??

date London. me8 5jd
location 68 farm lane, john tenner
Agent 19/10/2014

If you could help, that would be fantastic as I have no idea what to do. database is usless if I cant export the data.



Hi there,

Can you show a screen shot of the report(detail view) and of the export? It could be due to your delimiter set in your user preferences, that the CSV is splitting.



Hi Will,

Thanks for your prompt Reply.

I have sorted it now. There might have been an easier way but I posted this as a response.

Thanks again!

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