Replicate Select All feature in custom subpanel

Hi to all,
i am trying to replicate checkboxes on subpanel view with SelectAll top action button.

I see the same feature in Delegates module.

I am able to add checkbox on every view by adding field:

'checkbox' =>
                          'vname' =>  'LBL_Blank',
                        'widget_type' => 'checkbox',
                        'widget_class' => 'SubPanelCheck',
                        'checkbox_value' => true,
                        'width' => '5%',
                        'sortable' => false,
                        'default' => true,

in subpanedefs, however not clear how to add Select all Top Button, like in screenshot.

Does anyone can point me on right direction?

Many thanks

Any hint?
Nobody came across on this before?

As you would have checked on Delegates panel that the button is generated by SubPanelDelegatesSelectButton param. you can find the details of how to manage your custom button for select by replicating following file and writing a subpanel widget.


Hi [rainolf], did you solved that? I need to do something similar and create custom actions.

Thanks in advance!