Replace Contacts by custom module


what do I have to write if I replace a module Name as example Contacts with the Name of a custom module.
I see that the name could be only the module Name or module Name with a prefix as shown in the directory of the new custom module.

in short only custom module name or package_module name?



I’m sorry, this time I don’t understand your question.

Where are you doing these changes?

What are you trying to achieve with them?

I don’t know if you just want a cosmetic change of a name shown to a user, or if you’re building a new module - and if so, is it in Studio or from code?

I have built a custom module. This creats a module name and a package name. Often written in combination yyyy_xxxx. In the directory structure as an example.
When I take some code snippets from let’s say the built in contact module, the module name in the code snipped is reffered as “Contacts”.

I now want to copy the snippet into the custom module. I have therefore to replace a lot of field definitions and name definitions.
As an example this code ‘module’ => ‘Contacts’. Is it overwritten xxxx or yyyy_xxx resp. package-prefix_module-name

Now to the question: when in certain places it is written “Contacts” for module Name do I write only my custom modul name without the prefix for the package (xxxx) or do I write package prefix underline module name yyyy_xxxx?

I could try both solutions but I am stuck and there are many files involved. That is why I´d like to be sure which name has to be taken.

I am not a specialist in customizing code so I can only give you some approximation of an answer.

First, I would make sure you are using the correct approach. If you don’t mind reading this article in my blog:

That doesn’t answer your question, but it does give you an introduction on how to think about mapping the concepts in your business to the concepts in SuiteCRM.

I see many new users jump directly into custom modules, when the best approach is most often to re-use and customize existing modules. This completely circumvents the problem you’re having of “copying code snippets”. There is tons of functionality in the Contacts concept in SuiteCRM. You should surely be using it for your main “person” module, instead of trying to do a similar module by copying.

Tell if this opens up any new ideas for you, and then we can continue the conversation.