Replace calandar server - CalDAV

Hi all,

Is there a way to have SuiteCRM use an external CalDAV calendar server, instead of it’s own inbuilt one? We run a DAViCal calendar server that is updated by users’ Thunderbird and Outlook clients. It would be great if the calendar in SuiteCRM used the same calendar server.

All ideas most appreciated.


I don’t think so - not out-of-the-box.

Check the SuiteCRM Store for any appropriate plugins.

You might also want to have a look at our Google Calendar integration which was contributed by @benjamin.long and explore possibilities by centering everything around a Google Calendar (having both SuiteCRM and your CalDAV syncing to Google)

Hi and thanks for your speedy reply.

You mentioned CalDAV syncing to Google. While I don’t want to share my corporate info with Google (bless 'em :-)) I think that CalDAV is the key here: If SuiteCRM can use CalDAV to sync with Google Calendars, then SuiteCRM should be able to sync with any CalDAV-compliant calendar, including DAViCal for example.

Are you able to aim me at the relevant CalDAV parts of the config or software, please?


The feature code:

The Docs on it:


Thanks for your reply.

I have seen the Google Calendar Sync module/feature but I don’t want to sync my private and business details with the Google Bot… they don’t pay me enough :slight_smile: I thought that it might be possible to use that module to sync with another CalDAV calendar but now that I’ve read about the module, it seems that it uses Google-specific APIs so that won’t be possible; is that correct?

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Yes that seems to be strictly a Google API thing, you’d have to do different code for other system, I suppose.