Rename a Lead filter? 🖋

How do you actually rename a leads filter?

I do not see any way of doing it?
There is “Update”, “Delete”, but there is no “Edit” option available. :cold_sweat:

I need to rename the filters to so we can do them by country code E.g. Active leads FR, Active leads SE, DK, Active leads UK, Active leads US etc…

Or can this only be done by editing an existing filter through the database?

Current CRM version is:

Thanks in advance… :+1:

Type the new name in the “Save filter as” box

Don’t click Save, click Update, and voilá, a renamed field

Clicking Save after typing the new name might also be useful to duplicate an existing filter with a new name.

Thanks a bunch @pgr, but that will also create duplicates of the existing filter so you need to delete the old one right?

“Save” with a new name creates duplicates
“Update” with a new name does not

Try it!

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Thanks a bunch mate @pgr ! :+1:
I’ll check it out for sure.

Kind regards