Remove validation from relate field


I have a sophisticated logic hook in place for creating new contacts directly from the invoices edit page.

However, the only thing not working is that when saving on chrome it won’t let me because of the validation on the relate field.

How do I remove this validation so that the drop down menu of quick search still comes up, but anyone can still type anything in and it won’t stop the page saving?


Hi ajgisme ,

you can use function : - removeFromValidate() to remove validation from the field .

Example : removeFromValidate( ‘EditView’ , ‘name’);


you can search on this function it works !

i hope this helps !

Thanks For your time and support


Thanks very much, where would I put this code?

Ok i put it in my editvew.php file but it gave me this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘EditView’ of undefined

Actually I got it to work!!!