Remove the “Support Forum” button

Hi, im looking to remove the “Support Forum” button from drop down admin menu. I removed the link to it from “globalControlLinks.php” . But having issues removing it from menu.

New with Suite CRM Any help appreciated . ?

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I just removed this by commenting-out this section in include/globalControlLinks.php, and it worked:

$global_control_links['training'] = array(
'linkinfo' => array($app_strings['LBL_TRAINING'] =>
'submenu' => ''

Are you sure you’re doing this right?

Warning: done like this, the change won’t be upgrade-safe. The correct way to do it is to leverage this mechanism here:

You could add a custom file (your PHP will run after these definitions are made) undefining the $global_control_links['training'] array entry.

create a new file as


put following code in that


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Thank you for the help…