Remove the PDF Quote Date - Time


When i generate the quotation, at the date fields, it is come with the time stamp. How can i allow only the date appear on the Date Created: fields without the time?


Quotation Date: 29/01/2018 11:09

How to remove the time? 11:09 in the quote pdf.


Did you or someone else find a solution? Our customers don´t need to know the time, wenn the quote was created :slight_smile:

I am still waiting the solution from anyone. So far, still can not get rid of it.

it’s just a matter of finding the place in the code…

I’m afraid I don’t have time for this… but if one of you can look at the URL is when you generate the quote? That should lead us into the correct file.

Thank you, but I couldn´t find the correct file :unsure: Maybe someone else?

Well, can you give me the URL you click when you generate the quote?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I openend a quote (detailview) und clicked on action --> print as pdf. Then I select a pdf-template.
The link for that last click is: …/suitecrmProd/index.php?action=ajaxui#

Did you mean that url?

Regards, MT

Well… that was it, but since it’s ajax the URL doesn’t really tell me anything.

I did a few tests, and I came up with an idea to avoid doing code customizations.

You could add a custom field to the Quotes, called Date_formatted. Then try to get an “On save” Workflow to grab the date_modified (or whatever date you want) and set the custom field appropriately. You can use workflow calculated fields to do some string handling or date handling.

Then use the custom field in the template. Give it a try, tell us how it goes.

Thank you, it works!

Steps to reproduce:
[li]Add a field date_formatted to quotes in the studio (type = date)[/li]
[li]Add the date_formatted - field to the detailsview to check the result of the workflow [/li]
[li]Replace field of the pdf-template with the date_formatted-field[/li]
[li]Add a new workflow with:[/li]
[li]WorkFlow Module = Quotes[/li]
[li]Run = Always[/li]
[li]Run On = All Records[/li]
[li]no Conditions[/li]
[li]Select Action = Modify Records[/li]
[li]Record Type = Quotes[/li]
[li]Parameters: Quotes ; Date formatted ; Date ; Date_modified[/li]

Now, after you have saved a quote, the date_formatted field will be set and then you can print the pdf. The field will contain no time, only the date :slight_smile:

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