Remove or Hide Create button

You can check modules/Contacts/Menu.php first.
After that goto custom/Extension/modules/Contacts/Ext/Menus/Menu.php. Create the file if it doesn’t exist.

In this file:

This will clear all your menu items.
Now you can add the items in $module_menu from the original file or maybe add some custom items.

Hi All,

This is a just simple trick u can try.

If your scenario is to not create any record by clicking Create button then follow the step.

  1. Copy modules//controller.php into custom/modules//controller.php
  2. Add these lines inside the function action_editview. (If this function is not available then create the function.)

$_REQUEST // get all contains all request variable and value

if (array_key_exists(“record”,$_REQUEST)) // Check whether the record key is available in the request. For new records the key is not present
$this->view = ‘edit’; //If the record key exists then record can be edited
$this->view = ‘noacesss’; // if the record key is not available that means u cannot create a new record AND it displays a blank page.

Will update soon if i get a better solution.

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Sorry to bump old thread but I’m trying to do this for Documents modules, which seems to have no view.list.php file, do you know how I can achieve this for Documents module?

Many Thanks


It is now simple step to remove anything from interfaces , by using this free plugin

Please download this free plugin to use this feature. It is pretty simple and straight forward.

It works on both Ajax and Not ajax UI.