Remove Discover SuiteCRM

Hello everyone,

I have been testing SuiteCRM and im very impressed and love what they have done with this lovely system.
There are some areas that im having difficulties before we can make this live for our clients and employees.

  1. How can we remove the default dashlet (Discover SuiteCRM)

  2. When we create a task, the user that that task is assigned to receive an email but its includes “SugarCRM” as the email subject. How can we change this?

  3. We would like to remove the wizard for new users/employee and have them just see the dashboard with the dashlets instead of going through a setup wizard.

There is a lot more we would like done but changing the above 3 will really help us.

Thanks to everyone and i truly appreciate any help i can receive.

Wordpress Malware Removal

Thanks for responding to my issues.

  1. How can we remove the default dashlet (Discover SuiteCRM) *You will have a X in the right top of the dashlets
    We want this remove completely so it will not show for new users or employees. Clicking the x will remove it but it can come back if homepage is refreshed.

Thanks again

Customise Homepage

  • after that all I did was login first as every new user I created with his/her password and deleted that dashlet by clicking the X - not efficient but it worked

Email Subject
Go to Email Module from the Menu bar at the top, when this is open, on your left hand menu you will see options to Edit Email templates, there you can customise the Subject line

As with customise Homepage, I just logged in as the user, after I created him/her, and stepped through the wizard and set it up the way I wanted it standardised - again not particularly sophisticated but it worked

Thanks, i was looking for something more automated but i will use this for now.

Thanks again