Remove Columns on History Subpanel


I am trying to remove the columns “Date Modified”, “Due Date” and “Contact” on the subpanel History (used on contacts, accounts etc.). Unfortunately, is not possible to edit the layout through Studio. I am trying for days to remove these columns by code, with no success. Can someone help me, please?

History panel is managed different than most of the modules panels. Some of History panel records are managed from the source module. For example for Notes under History, Columns are managed from file located here:


You should be able to copy the above file to :

… and modify the columns from there.

Thank you for your answer.

On my case, neither contacts or account have that file “ForHistory” on their respective subPanels.

Sorry I think I didn’t understand your initial request. Any way, the history subpanel is feed with data from various modules, including notes, emails, calls, etc so if we want to modify the way data is displayed, we need to go to those modules and manually modify the files with the ForHistory.php under this modules.

Now to modify the layout of the history subpanel you should find the definitions under


When I change the file \modules\History\metadata\subpaneldefs.php nothing happens. I was able to remove these columns but I had to remove all of the traces on the code…

If I want to add a note preview, how would it be done?