Release 7.9.5 Compose email function lost?

Version 7.9.5
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

Compose e-mail popup menu to select related to module broke or missing?

From dropdown menu select Emails
Click Compose
Select Related To “Accounts” Select an account name
Click “To” to display window “Select Email Recipients” which you can select all or specific accounts.

This feature is removed or function differently I can not figure it out?

This is example prior to the upgrade.

7.9.5 verion I …
Select Related To “Accounts” Select an account name
Clicked into the “To:” field and clicked the account icon. It just displays the account select page.

Is this feature removed?

I can’t check exactly how it is right now, but…

If on the compose window, you click on the “to” field, it should open a small menu above that field, with several icons, to select recipients from several types of records (Contacts, Accounts, …). I believe this also relates the record, can you check?

I am having the same issue… haven’t been able to send emails to multiple people for over a week.

It no longer does that.

I already did that but it does not respect the relate to I set nor does the menu have checkbox(s) to select all or individuals.
Looks like standard select window.

Oh, ok, sorry then I don’t know how to help you :frowning:

Well, doing my monthly check-in to see if 7.9.x is useable yet. Mainly the email portion. Guess this little thread answers that. Been like 6 months now or something waiting for this to come together to a reliable function.

So how is the email client in 7.9.7? Is it still buggy? Was this issue fixed?

On Version 7.9.7

This is still not working. :evil:

It’s not completely dead anymore, but definitely not working like it used to.