Relationship table in Mysql after removing

Hello everyone

Could you suggest should relationship auto-remove when I deleted relationship?
Example I removed custom one to many relationship with no marker “save table” but if I go to phpmyadmin i can see empty deleted one-to-many relationship table
shouldn’t these tables be dropped from the database too?

Sure I do QRR and rebuild a relationship

Hi @Lyk37858,

Not sure if this helps and I imagine this may only work when using studio and for some scenarios.
Though, I just tried to add a new accounts-contacts one-to-many relationship. Then deleted it afterwards and the table got removed (see the following steps).

Steps followed

Add relationship in studio

Relationship added accounts_contacts_1

Check that relationship table is in db

Delete Relationship in studio

Relationship successfully deleted using studio

Check that relationship was deleted from DB

Is your scenario similar to this one?


thanks for your detail step by step reply

yes, my scenario is the same
in this case, I will look for the problem on my side