Relationship problem

Hi! I have created custom module in module builder in whicih I added many-to-1 relationship to cases module and deployed. Now when I try to open case detail view it breaks when trying to set up subpanel.
Error i get is:
PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method aCase::function_cases() in /SugarBean.php on line 2933, referer: /index.php?module=Cases&action=index

I have tried redeploying module in case that relationship weren’t properly created, also I have executed repair & rebuild and repair relationships but nothing works.

SuiteCRM version: 7.4.3

Any advices?

Thanks ajedvaj,


have you already tried to deinstall your module in admin / module loader ?

Can you write which modules you related ?

to clean out the mess, you might want to upload to the forum the file “manifest.php” which you can retrieve by

  • publish your module in module builder
  • save the zip file
  • open the zip file and find the file manifest.php in the root.

Concerning modulebuilder, as rule of the tumb: Never deploy or redeploy, instead publish your module, then save the zip file and use module loader to install your module.


yes I have tried deinstalling it and then deploy again.

Cases module and one more custom module (mac_machine_component).

I have followed your advice to publish and than install via module loader but same thing happens.

I attached manifest file:

I believe I have found the problem. Custom module name was Malfunction and php had problem with ‘function’ part.

Thanks for support jansiero.