Relationship issues

A lead is converted to an opportunity( I am a suiteCRM guru now). But what about that underlying process is special. It seems that a lead and an opportunity have a one to one relationship. I realize the conversion process creates the new objects, populates them with the data, creates the correct relationships to other things and saves the data.
Am I missing something? What is the advantage of having a module to module conversion process vs just having them with a one to one relationship?

The point of conversion is that you are able to automatically copy/move all data from the lead to the Contact/Account/Opportunity.

This is done when a lead is qualified and becomes a business opportunity that will possibly buy your product.

At this point, you wouldn’t really deal with the lead any further as they are ‘Converted’.

If you were to simply relate them, you would not get calls/tasks/meetings/emails copied across.

You can also create all 3 entities at once during the conversion process(Contact, Account & Opportunity) instead of manually creating these.