Relationship in Clone Module

Hey Team,

I clone Meetings Module and rename as Consultations. when I insert data this module show Following error.

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/vrushank/public_html/suite1/modules/Consultations/Consultations.php on line 305

Notice: Undefined property: Consultations::$users in /home/vrushank/public_html/suite1/modules/Consultations/ConsultationsFormBase.php on line 425

Fatal error: Call to a member function add() on null in /home/vrushank/public_html/suite1/modules/Consultations/ConsultationsFormBase.php on line 425

Consultations Module and User Module Relations are not working.

What is your SuiteCRM version?

How did you “rename” module?

I see references to files in “modules/Consultations” and this looks very wrong to me. You can’t rename files and directories, you’ll break all the code. Your module needs to be called Meetings internally, renaming is only a cosmetic UI thing.

Basically, it means your SuiteCRM is broken because you broke it :slight_smile:

-> I used SuiteCRM 7.9.11 .

-> I make a copy of Meetings Module with entire functionality with relationships.

-> I need module same as Meeting with same fields and functionality. so, how can I archive this implementation?

You’re still not telling me how you did it. Did you do it in Module builder? With Export followed by Import? Or did you copy files and directories?

If you copied files and directories, please revert that, it won’t work, and it will seriously break your installation.

To rename a module simply go in Admin / Rename Modules.

Be aware that this feature might not work 100% across the entire Product, you might need some fine-tuning to edit labels and messages referring to Meetings, especially when they are contained in other modules.

Thank you for your response.

I have copied files and directories from Meeting module and also created a custom table for this new module.
if this is the wrong way I will revert my changes.

please guide me for the proper way to clone Meeting module with a different name and all its functionalities and relationships.
my client wants another module same as meeting with some different fields.

it will be helpful if u can help me.
Thanks in advance.

The problem is that Meetings is not a simple module for you to clone, it is too tied up with the rest of the app - system notifications (which run from scheduled jobs), history subpanel of every module… I think you will have a hard time cloning it.

But maybe this is not the best approach. So the original question to ask is: why do you need it cloned? If you’re just trying to separate two different kinds of appointments, you can do that with security groups. So it’s basically one module but with two separate views into the data.