Relationship Error With Tasks

I created a custom module called ‘ABC’.
I created in ‘ABC’ a One To Many Relationship with the Tasks Module.
I create a Task by using the Create button from the Tasks Subpanel in the ABC Module.
The Task is created, but not displayed in the subpanel.

If I go into the Tasks Module I can see the Task and the related ABC Record field.
Nothing gets entered into the database under the related table relationship.

If I go into the ABC Module and using the Tasks Subpanel I select the task it gets added and shows in the related database.

Why do I have to do the extra step in the Tasks Subpanel? I don’t have to do this when I create anything else from a subpanel?

What is your version?

Have you tried

  • Quick Repair and Rebuild
  • rebuild relationships

Yes, I have done the following:

Rebuild Relationships. QRR, Deleted relationship, Create , One To Many, Many To Many, and each time I have done Rebuild Relationships and QRR and various combinations of each.

Neither subpanel will show the related record.


Please also try this from the live demo to see if the problem is just in your installation:

Version 7.11.10

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)