Relationship Description for an entity to entity relationship


Curious if anyone has done this. I would like to modify the project module to allow for a relationship description field regarding connecting entities.

Example. I create two new projects called “Farm Field Alpha”, and “Farm Field Beta” which have to do with farming two different fields. I attach 3 contacts to each:

Imagine if all 3 of those people have the same skillset but their responsibilities are defined by their relationship to a project. Joe is the project manager for Alpha whereas Mary is the project manager for Beta. I would like to be able to have a dropdown in SuiteCRM where I can assign their work role for a particular project.

I would guess I need to create a new relationship type within suitecrm of “Many to Many with Descriptor” and then get into the code and made some heavy modifications. I was wondering, however, if there is already something like this out in the wild? I haven’t found anything in my searching as of yet.

I see this is available in the opportunity module when attaching a contact. I guess I will start examination there.