Relation Betwen Opportunity and Product

Dear Friends, I have same products in my Suite, with these fields: Name, Value and People Qnty. I need thath When the user start na oportunnity , exist a fild named Product, and the user can select a Product, this action a can do in mi suíte, in this oportunnity i insert the filds Name, Value and People Qnty, and a need, when user select product, these fields Name, Value and People Qnty, automatically fill in this field.

tks to help me

You could

1 - Add a relate field to opp so users like the opp to the product

  • Create the custom fields in Opp module
  • Create workflow, on save, condition = if product linked to opp
    • action = update the opp record with product fields

2 - Add a Many to Many relationship (opp<>product) / users can create opp record, click save and sub panel “Products” users select the products linked

3 - Have you used Quotes module? Quotes allow you to link to products and all info is pre filled from product

4 - Custom coding will get this to work :slight_smile: