Relation between contacts


As our business is based on recommandations I would like to track those. Example: customer a recommend me to customer b and c, I would like save this information. so when I activate customer a, I see that he recommended me to b and c, when I activate customer b and c, I see that they were recommended by a.

Other usecases:

  • customer a is a friend of customer c
  • customer b is sister (other surname after wedding) of customer c

Is it possible to map this kind of relations between contacts?

thx a lot for your help


Yes all you need to do is create a many to many relationship in studio from contacts to contacts. Then create a custom field in contacts to specify if they are a friend etc and display this in the list view of your new sub-panel.

Hi, i have question, how to delete relationship i have created? for example I have created 3 of them, and 2 is wrong… i cant edit nothing, only add new…