Relation Accounts with created Aproducts ....not visible in Dashlet Accounts.

I have LOCAL Bitnami/SuiteCRM 7.6.4.with Accounts etc etc… I have an CSV file with CompanyName,Aproduct(s)

I did a test import, with the Default Import Wizard … with a small csv file, but NOT appearing in Dashlet Module Aproducts in the Accounts.
Meaning of this: I can see what products Company XXXX is making. The file to be imported is big, cannot be done manually.

The names and Aproducts are indeed visisble in the Module Aproducts. BUT not in the Dashlet under Accounts /Aproducts (no Prodcusts there, only if I do it manually to add a product in Accounts,under Module Aproducts.

I was advised by an user in this Forum to do import via PHP.. into Module Aproducts.

That is my problem,: as a new starter. HOW to do an import with PHP in such case.

Where can I find “MyPHP” to start a test import with this CSV file into A products, sothat it is visible in Accounts/Dashlet ModuleAproducts.
Or is there a "tool"or addon to make the relation work.


I have ODBC via MsAccess to see and change all fields of the “linked” SuiteCRM Accounts,Aproducts with id/key linking.

So I can change /delete the files/fields. and I see also the “Manually” created Aproduct under Account/Aproduct dashlet. and I can list/see
this also in the SuiteCRM mdule Aproducts. But sofar not able to do an "linked"to Accounts import with SuiteCRM import wizard or
with other prg. sofar…