Relating Tasks to new module


I have created a new module (payrolls) and would like to be able to relate Tasks to the module. I added ‘payrolls’ to the ‘parent_type_display’ dropdown list but when I try and search/select a payroll I get an ‘Error: Module payrolls does not exist.’ error in a popup. I searched the topic and there was a thread when the posted redeployed the custom module package but I can’t do this as most of the fields in the custom module were created in Studio and I don’t want to them to be deleted if redeployed. Is there anything else that I can do to enable this functionality?



Hey there,

Are you still having issues with this?

It might be worth checking the values entered into the “parent_type_display” dropdown, to see it exactly matches the Custom Module

(I believe it will also be Case-sensitive, so make sure that the casing matches too!)

So if the URL for your custom module contains:

Then you should enter
“pckg_payRoll” as the Item in the parent_type_display dropdown

It might also be good to see some screenshots, of both the entered parent_module_type values, and the Error that shows
(Or any further info you can share!)
To see if we can diagnose further