Related To links in My Calls Dashlet

In the “My Calls” dashlet, how do I make the “Related to” items display as links?

In the “My Calls” dashlet, the “Subject” column has links in it, but the “Related to” column does not. However, upon viewing the HTML I see that the link data is there for the “Related to” items, it’s just wrapped in a tag instead of an tag.

RELATED TO (html):

Tommy Testing

SUBJECT (html):

Scheduled Calls

I looked at the following tool:
Studio > Calls > Layouts > Sugar Dashlet > Sugar Dashlet ListView
but there was no such option

I also looked at the following file:
but couldn’t find where to modify the surrounding tag:

‘parent_name’ => array(‘width’ => ‘29’,
‘label’ => ‘LBL_LIST_RELATED_TO’,
‘sortable’ => false,
‘dynamic_module’ => ‘PARENT_TYPE’,
‘link’ => true,
‘id’ => ‘PARENT_ID’,
‘ACLTag’ => ‘PARENT’,
‘related_fields’ => array(‘parent_id’, ‘parent_type’),
‘default’ => true,

Any guidance would be appreciated.


The “My Calls” Dashlet’s “Related to” item displays as a link for me.
Have you ensured your Permissions are correct?
You will also need to check your owner/Group user settings are correct.

If both are correct, Does running a Quick Repair/Rebuild resolve this?

Thanks, John

Thank you John for the quick reply.

a) In / Admin / Users / User Management
I modified the “Staff” member from “Regular User” to “System Administrator User”
and the “My Calls” Dashlet now displays “Related to” info as links

b) -BUT- I don’t want all my “Staff” members to have access to the / Admin / functions
and I haven’t found a way yet for a “Regular User” to see “Related to” links in the “My Calls” Dashlet

FYI: I typically use the CRM as a “Staff” member set as a “Regular User” and only login as a “System Administrator User” when I need to do SysAdmin tasks (in a different browser). This keeps MY user experience the same as my “Staff” (group name).

I followed the steps you suggested with optimism
(with the “Staff” member set back to “Regular User”):

c) I checked the / Admin / Users / User Management / options
but I couldn’t find any relevant permissions

d) In / Admin / Users / Role Management
I gave all modules “All” permissions
but this didn’t solve the problem

e) In / Admin / System / Repair
I ran the quick repair
but this didn’t solve the problem

I’m not a PHP developer so it’s difficult for me to “see” where the “System Administrator User” gets to see “Related to” links in the “My Calls” Dashlet.

Any additional suggestions would also be appreciated.


Sorry, to clarify, I was referring to the Server/File Permissions. Not the Permissions for each unique user.
Where is the server hosted?
If it is hosted Locally, What is the Operating System of the System the server is hosted on?

Thanks, John

Hi John. To answer your questions:

Server: LAMP on cPanel VPS at
File Permissions for CRM directory: 755

Like I said, you CAN see “My Calls” Dashlet links IF you are a “System Administrator User” so I don’t think it’s a platform issue. The issue is clearly in the software because the “My Calls” Dashlet text is converted from surrounding tags to surrounding tags for “Regular User” logins. If you logout of the “Regular User” account and log back in as a “System Administrator User” then you see the “My Calls” Dashlet text as links. It’s either some kind of “feature” that has escaped both of us, or it’s maybe a bug?

The only other thing I can think of is that I’m running SuiteCRM Version 7.2.2. Are you on a newer version?

Thank you for staying in touch on this one.


  • CORRECTION: When I refer to “My Calls” Dashlet text in post #22397 I am referring to the “Related to” column only. The “Subject” text displays as links for both “System Administrator User” and “Regular User” logins.


I am running Version 7.3.1, but I have tested this on a 7.2.2 Instance and it worked as it should.

In regards to Permissions, 775 for the folders: - cache, custom, modules, themes, data, upload
and the file: config_override.php
755 for everything else.

Also, if you go into your config.php, make sure these settings are in place:
dir_mode => 1517
file_mode => 420

And run a Quick Repair/Rebuild.


I’ve done everything you suggested in post #22400 but the issue remains the same.

Are you saying you see the “Related to” column text as links (wrapped in an tag) in the “My Calls” Dashlet when you are logged in as a “Regular User” ??? (NOT a “System Administrator User”)

If you confirm this is the case for you, I might just export my data and do a fresh install of 7.3.1

Let me know. Thanks. KP

BTW: I use the “Softaculous Auto Installer” to install SuiteCRM, if that makes any difference.


Sorry, Yes, The “Related to” column is a link even when logged in as a Regular User. Even on both 7.2.2 and 7.3.1 instances.
Hopefully a re-install will help resolve this issue!

Okay John. Good to know. I’ll do the re-install later this week and let you know if that fixes it.

Thanks for your feedback.