Related Fields in Accounts List field not linking properly

Hi There,

I will explain the setup first, then the bug. The setup is pretty simple. I have a few related fields in the accounts module that are linked to the contacts module. These fields are then included in my list view of accounts. So when looking at accounts, I can see, in the list view, the account name, as well as a contact that is the primary person for that account.

The issue is that when I click on the link created by that field, it gives me an error page. A quick look at the URL tells me the issue right away. It is sending me to the contacts module (which is correct) but is using the accounts ID (which is why i get an error page). Essentially it is looking in the contacts table for a contact with the ID of the account.

Not sure if this is a SugarCRM issue of a SuiteCRM issue. I am leaning towards Sugar, but wanted to check if there was anything that I had done wrong before posting to their CE forums.


Hmm that seems a strange issue, Iv not came across it before. Have you tried doing a rebuild relationships and then a quick repair and rebuild? Just to make sure?

Tried both of those things, still getting the same issue.

Did you ever figure this issue out as I am facing the same issue now :frowning:


This is a bug, it has been fixed and should be in the next release. There’s a github issue here: