Relate Field


I am using relate field, once we select name we want to fetch related data and feed it to text field. Guide me

You need to add the following snippet to your related field in custom >> modules >> You module name >> metada >> editviewdefs.php. Replace the values in the snippet with their corresponding fields in your application.

'displayParams' => array(
              'field_to_name_array' => array(
              'name of related module id' => 'module id field',
              'name of related module field' => 'field you want to populate',

Industry - Master module
Account - Main Module

In Account module we are selecting Industry name while selecting specification of industry want to feed in text field.

What i want to replace with following code?

‘displayParams’ => array(
‘field_to_name_array’ => array(
‘name of related module id’ => ‘module id field’,
‘name of related module field’ => ‘field you want to populate’,

I have found solution thanks.

Please refer this URL it has clear explanation