Relate Field :Selecting Multiple Fields in Relate Field

Hi everyone,
I have two tables: one stores car characteristics such as name, type, and country; the other stores types and colors. When I choose a type for the first table, it opens a popup, but I can only select the type. I need to select entire rows (type and color). How can I do this in SuiteCRM?

Tables are custom modules?
Could you provide screenshots of your selection issue and maybe of the cars and types, to clarify how those are related?

Thanks for your answer, let me explain more detailed

I have 2 modules: District and Aim Payment Price

In the Aim Payment Price module, I have a District related field that takes data from the District table. The problem is that I can only choose the first column (currently, it’s the ID). I want to be able to choose data from the second column as well. Due to this limitation, I added district names to the first column and choose from there.

How can we configure it so that we can choose whole rows or other columns, not just the first column, from the related table?

That seems to be a SuiteCRM 7?

Check out a (most likely) similar relationship: Contact - Account
If you’re in a contact and want to select an account, you can search one in the pop up.
The popup can be configured via the Studio - Accounts - Layout - Popup View

The ListView are your columns, the Search are the fields at the top.

In your case, you might just need to configure the District Popup view in the Studio (or the module builder, in case you can / want to re-deploy).

Just in case the view doesn’t behave right away, try the Quick Repair and Rebuild option in the admin area.