reinstalled changed language pack, buts still get old wrong strings

i had sucessfuly installed the german language pack from
and found some issues.
i unpackt the ZIP and modified few Stings in one language file (modules/Adminstration/language/de_DE.lang.php)
then repackt it to zip
then uninstalled the original languge pack sucessfully.
then uploaded and installed the new zip - pack without any issues.

BUT: the old strings are still there , where i would expect my changed strings
i checkt the modules/Adminstration/language/de_DE.lang.php file on the server: its the new one , with the changed strings.

so why does the suiteCRM still show the old strings ? i can not be the browsercache, since i used a different browser that was not used before.
is there any othere caching involved in SuiteCRM, e.g. does it cache the strings in the database , or somewhere else ?


then i


You will most likely need to run a Quick Repair/ Rebuild, if you haven’t.
You can do this by going into the Admin > Repair Menu and selecting the “Quick Repair and Rebuild” option.