Refresh values of dynamic Child drop-down

Hi all,

I have designed a parent dynamic drop-down, and two child dynamic drop-down field.

Field A is parent, field B is child of A and field C child of B.
I successfully select values based on the dependencies among them but when I’m changing my initial selection (on parent) child’s values stacks on values of the last selection !!!

For example:

  • Field A has 3 values

    • New = New
    • InProgress = In Progess
    • Completed = Completed
  • Field B has 4 values

    • New_000 = n/a
    • InProgress_001 = Action1
    • InProgress_002 = Action2
    • Completed_000 = n/a
  • Field C has 4 values

    • New_000_000 = n/a
    • InProgress_001_Success = Success
    • InProgress_001_NonSuccess = Non Success
    • InProgress_002_Success = Valid
    • InProgress_002_NonSuccess = Invalid
    • Completed_000_000 = n/a

So, I proceed on this:

  • Select value ‘InProgress’ on field A

  • Field B displays values based on value ‘InProgress’ of field A
    - Action1
    - Action2

  • Select value ‘Action1’ on field B

  • Field C displays values based on value ‘Action1’ of field B

    • Success
    • Non Success

That works perfect. But, if i change my selection on field A - for example) to ‘New’ - the child’s dropdowns are still showing the values of the previous selection i.e. fields don’t change values according to my new selection. For example:

  • Field A = ‘New’
  • Field B = ‘Action 1’
  • Field C = ‘Success’
    This is wrong because Field A has no these values !!!

Is there any “trigger” to do that ? Any suggestion ?

Thank you in advance.


Hi, maybe config this with javascript, I was implement a custom dynamic drop-down with Jquery

PD: sorry my english is bad

Hi dampudia,

Thank you for your recommendation.
Unfortunately I don’t know the way to implement that !!

Could you please advice ?