Reference for acl_actions table, id field


I would like to ask what references an field beside the acl_roles_actions.action_id.

The problem started wen I deleted all the acl_actions for the category = ‘Users’, which don’t exist in acl_roles_actions table and the application started to give me errors on user search.

I created the same records back with the proper name, category, acltype, aclaccess but different ids! That did not fix the error.

After that I deleted these new records and added back the original records, with the original ids (just for category = ‘Users’) from a backup and everything worked fine after that.

I searched in the backup file and I could only find one instance of these ids in the acl_action table but from the logic I just described I am sure that they are referenced somewhere else, I just don’t understand where.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Maybe it’s the Lucene search index.

If that is the case, you could try a full reindex, there’s an article about that on my blog.