Redeploy Custom Instance with Source Code Only

Hello All,

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read. I’ve been given the task of analyzing an existing codebase to determine the viability of migrating the application from a third party developer to an in-house solution. The code I was provided is SuiteCRM version 7.10.

I’ve successfully deployed/installed new versions of SuiteCRM via the zip download on the SuiteCRM website. With some playing around, I found that the installation creates database tables for you, as well as an initial config.php file.

In an attempt to set up a development environment for the code base I am reviewing, I went through the normal setup procedure, but instead created a database manually that matched the db config options (db name, user name, password, etc. ) from the existing code base. This produced a fatal error upon startup as the application attempts to query a table that does not exist in my newly created database.

How does one transplant a SuiteCRM application to a new virtual machine using the code alone? The particular employer in question has concerns that we may not be able to have the existing instance ownership transferred to us, and, depending on how the current developers react, potentially not even a snapshot of the database.

Yes, it’s a sticky situation.

If I missed anything in the documentation that talks about migrating a project that’s already gone through the installation process from one server to another, please let me know.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks again.


This article is not strictly what you need, but still, it is comprehensive and might bring some interesting information