Record Sharing (security access)

I’m reading the user guide, but I can’t find anything about record shararing functionality.
Here is an example:
Suppose I can see only may Accounts and my collegue can see only his accounts.
Sometimes, I need to share some of my accounts to my colleague. In this way, both of us can see and work on these shared Accounts.
Is it possible?
Best and regards.

Hi and welcome!
yes, this is possible, you should have a look at the security groups:

Hi, thanks for your help e for the quick reply. I was reading this topic, but I’havent seen any possibility for a business user to share its information to a colleague, without using any type of group, but only dynamically choose a collegue to share some information. I’ll try to find it.
Best regards.

you could create a common group (allowing users to see/edit records that belong to the same group) for both users. As soon as you want to make e.g. an account visible to your colleague, just relate the proper group to the record.