Re-Install fails [7.3.1]


I’ve been fiddling with SuiteCRM quite a bit during the last few days, and for this purpose I’m reinstalling the suite often.

I noticed, however, that a re-install always fails, and it fails always at the same place. According to the install log, 3 tables have been written, the leads table is supposed to be the next one but the SQL statement used for that purpose is erroneous. Mind you, the reinstall is being done using data from a SuiteCRM directory that was previously installed without errors (but potentially without having finalized the user configuration). Permissions are (re)set correctly.

I do plan to dig deeper but for the time being, could someone enlighten me what the issue is here? Clearly, the install generates or changes certain files that are used/read in a next install and thus corrupt it. In my view, this is clearly a bug. But for the time being I’d be happy just to understand which changes are made to which files, I’d appreciate your pointers.

Needless to say, a fresh install using the files from the zip always works.

[SuiteCRM 7.3.1, Linux, Nginx, MariaDB]