RC SuiteCRM 8 Trouble with custom modules

Hello everyone!,
fresh install rc 8.
user admin/
If i want to use new module (self created) i have error “you are not authorized to view this page”
On beta 3 all ok.


I am having the exact same problem, the frontend received this as a response and redirects back to the same page.

{data: {,…}}
data: {,…}
createProcess: {process: {_id: "user-acl", status: "error", async: false, type: "user-acl",…}, clientMutationId: null,…}
clientMutationId: null
process: {_id: "user-acl", status: "error", async: false, type: "user-acl",…}
async: false
data: {result: false}
status: "error"
type: "user-acl"
__typename: "Process"
_id: "user-acl"
__typename: "createProcessPayload"

I should add this happens with both admins and regular users with full rights via a custom role.

You must set your module in public\legacy\include\portability\module_name_map.php also.
Better in public/legacy/custom/application/Ext/ModuleNameMap/module_name_map.ext.php

Hi @kcla, @ktiryan @scicali,

Thanks for trying out SuiteCRM 8 and for the feedback and sorry for the delay in the reply.

@scicali also thanks for the help on this thread.

This is a know issue that has been fixed and will go on the next release.

Please have a look at the following comments, they provide an explanation and a workaround you could do now.:

Hope this helps