Quotes module - PDF Templates


I’m trying to create a quote with PDF templates.
The company has a products with many itens.
I’d like to show 2 or more itens into the same quote.
How can I create a kind of looping to show 2 or more itens inot the same quote?


Product Code Quantity Description Amount

      01                      1        Software for 50 users           100.00
      02                      1        Software for 100 users         190.00 

Thanks in advance

Noberto Kicuti


Add 2 line items?

Hey Will,

I have got to print 2 lines items on quotes document.
I realized that CRM doesn’t apply the changed rules in the same time.
I believe that it happen because CRM scheduled processes.
But right it’s working.
Thanks a lot and I’m sorry for my delayed repply.