I am doing a quote where I need to break it down into groups. The client will ultimately need to choose something on the page, so group totals are not relevant.

If I do not have a group total on the pdf, the group name prints twice.

If a group total is included on the pdf, the group name does not print twice.

look like a bug thanks for highlighting this,

as a temporary work around try putting in a value like


where the total would be, as this will likely be blank and prevent the issue

I added that field (not where the total would go, however) and it did fix the problem… not really sure why… but OK!
Before I got your email back, I just made the “print” white so the total wouldn’t show up on the page.
Your way let me get rid of a line - which is good because I’m short on space.


Hello kimz,

This issue has been referenced as issue #560 (PDF Quote Group Name Duplication) on the SuiteCRM github branch:
https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/560 .

You can find a proposed fix here:
https://github.com/vladbar/SuiteCRM/commit/829d68019154661f5fd370f1ca880d1e646f1ebe .

Please, let us know if the proposed fix is of any help to you.