Quote: Won. Now send an email with the Quote URL or unique identifier

When a quote is won, our automation sends an email to our new business division. That works great but they have no idea what the quote is. They have to Search the account name provided in the email we created, search opportunities, then find the quote.

We would prefer a URL direct to the quote in question.

Or, something the new business team can type into search. The quote name isn’t turning up any results and is pretty slow with the long auto-generated quote names.

A URL would be perfect. I can’t find it in the pulldown to ‘insert variable’ URL.

You can try building the URL from the ID field, like this:


That last part is the ID.

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We went another direction and it’s more awesome!
We created a workflow triggered by the quote stage changing to ‘won’.
On that event, we create a task which is assigned to new business.
They get an email, but the awesome thing is the task link is embedded in the email. Clicking that link brings us to the task where we’ve embedded another link to the quote.
We took it a step further, so that when the task is complete (the order is shipped) a new automation alerts the sales rep that the circle is complete.

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I’m glad you ended up with an even better solution! Workflows are great. Very powerful indeed.