Quote - Dual currency - select field based on currency

Hello everyone,

We started to investigate suitCRM as a solution on handling our quotes. I have setup the pdf template and this works quite well so far. Now I am facing the problem on having two currencies for our products. So we have a cable that costs 49 USD or 39 EUR.

What I am trying to attempt is when someone creates a quote he also needs to select the “currency” in the “line item” section:

And depending on the selection it should show the USD or EUR price from two new created fields in the product master data:

So basically user selects US Dollar in the Quote Line Items and suiteCRM shows the US Dollar price from the product data, and same for Euro.

I am not a programmer or so I was looking for a solution everywhere but could not find it. Hopefully someone can give me some directions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS: Could not use the “add file” function but I hope the picture links work for you.


try writing a custom ajax on Product field. where the ajax file has the data of choosed currency and the products related to that are shown and the result of the selected product is passed on part number and price.