QuickCRM Permissions Issues

I have SuiteCRM installed on a shared hosting provider (Hostgator) and I’ve been experiencing problems with QuickCRM. Up until yesterday it was working on the phones but it is now not able to access the database. I get a screen that says “this application requires QuickCRM Mobile…”

I have set the permissions as follows: SuiteCRM folder is set to 755. The cache, custom, modules, themes, data, upload, and mobile folders are set to 775.

Hi there,

Are you aware of any changes to your server? Can you post specific details of your setup and your QuickCRM/SuiteCRM versions?



I’m running the most recent version of SuiteCRM- downloaded about a week ago (Version 7.1.1 Sugar Version 6.5.16 (Build 1082). I’m using the version of QuickCRM that came with SuiteCRM v 7.1.1.

Everything worked well for a few days following the installation. At some point the mobile app just failed to connect to the database. I suspect it may be a Hostgator permissions issue. The only change that was made to SuiteCRM between the time the mobile app worked vs. when it stopped working was that Inside View was toggled off. Oddly enough, the mobile html page still works fine (e.g., http://example.com/suitecrm/mobile) using the browser in Android or iOS. It’s only the Android and iOS mobile apps that can’t connect to the database. While the mobile html pages are quite similar to the mobile apps, I would prefer to use the mobile apps as they are a bit faster and easier to use.


Any thoughts on this issue.

QuickCRM is now working once again. I’ve done nothing to the file permissions and there have been no major changes in SuiteCRM. So, I’m still not sure what caused it to stop working and then start working again after 10 days.