Quickcrm installation


Suitecrm is working good for me.

I have placed the « suitecrm » on a mutualized server at OVH location that means that I have no command line and it works rigth after having changed the rigths to 775 or 755 depending on the directory.
I added QUICKCRM 3-3-4 with maximum permission 775 for directories mobile and custom/quickcrmaccess and 755 for the corresponding files.
On an android I have placed QuickCRM from google play.

Now the problem is that
1/ I can not access the « mobile » directory inside suitecrm directory from a browser as I obtain the message « The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. … ».
2/ I can not acces from android that replies « invalid URL »

Have you any idea so as to solve this access problem ?

Best regards.

PS The only particular point is that suitecrm is not placed at the root but in a directory like www.mysite.com/suitecrm but this should not influence.

Hi there,

Have you installed as per the QuickCRM user guide?