QuickCRM edits don't trigger Workflows

Just tried the new QuickCRM (basic) editing functionality and noticed that workflows don’t get triggered by edits via QuickCRM.

Is this simply out of the question for this to work? Or is there something wrong with my setup?


What kind of workflow did you define?

Setting Opportunity Status to “closed - won” creates a new invoice with lots of info preset from opportunity.

The Workflow gets triggered fine via normal GUI, but not via QuickCRM.


We have not been able to reproduce that issue and worflows (as any after_save logic hooks) are triggered.
Would you mind contacting support@quickcrm.fr to find out what the problem might be?


After further testing the email is now being sent after edit via QuickCRM! That’s cool!
However, the content of the mail is not the same in each instant (b.t.w. I’ve seen the same shifty behavior with edits via edit view and edits vie inline-editing).

When editing and saving via webbrowser I get the following email text:
Subject: “SuiteCRM - Assigned Opportunities”
“John Dickinson has assigned a(n) Opportunities to John Dickinson.
You may review this Opportunities at:”

When editing via QuickCRM and saving I’m getting the following email text (in German, despite QuickCRM running in English):
Subject: “SuiteCRM - Zugewiesene(s/r) Modulname”
“John Dickinson hat ein(e) Modulname zugewiesen an John Dickinson.
Sie können sich diese(s) Modulname ansehen unter:”

Again, this workflow is being triggered via opportunities module.

I guess German must be defined as default language in your SuiteCRM.
The problem must be in the app not setting user’s language when connecting to SuiteCRM.
To be honest, we didn’t think it would matter and hadn’t thought about that.
We will fix it in next release.

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, German is default language of CRM installation. The English is no big deal.

But the fact that the mail in english includes the respective module name (opportunities), while the german one (triggered by QuickCRM edit) only has generic “Modulname”.