Quickcreate form in mobile

Is this a bug or a feature, the subpanel quickcreate forms are not working on mobile browsers with SuiteP theme.
For example, with mobile browser go to Accounts and to a detail view, scroll to Opportunities subpanel and click “Create”. In mobile browsers (Android or in Chrome developer tools extension), nothing happens. No form is displayed, only in iPad browser form is displayed.

I have the same issue - resolution anyone?

Yes, as far as i know it’s a know bug reported on GitHub. And it is related to the resolution size.

there’s a “display:none” in the style.css that hides all the fields of the quick create form. So far i haven’t been able to correct this issue. I tried replacing the “none” for “block” but that seems to break the style of the detail view.

It seems that i found a temporary solution to this problem, until an oficial fix is made.

If you go to the file:
themes/SuiteP/css/style.css and search for:

“.quickcreate{display:none}” and replace that for “.quickcreate{display:block}” (repair and rebuild and delete all the cache folder + your browser cache), quick create works all right in mobile design.

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This is the issue in case anybody wants to watch it:


Worked fine.