Quickbooks Integration Anyone? Zapier?

Has anyone successfully integrated SUiteCRM with Quickbooks (I’m using online). At bare minimum I just want to be able to create invoices in the CRM and export them into Quickbooks and be able to poll Quickbooks to see if any on the invoices in the CRM have been paid and update payment status.

Seems all the solutions out there are a whopping $2,000+ per year subscription!!

I started playing around with the Zapier connector. Looks promising but I don’t have enough free time right now to test it. I’m wondering if AOS_Invoice module would integrate or do you need to use the standard Quotes module. I would be amazed if you could pull it off just using Zapier without any issues.

I am just investigating SuiteCRM. Quickbooks Pro Desktop integration is a requirement. So far, all the Quickbooks integration products have been prohibitively expensive except BizTech (https://store.biztechconsultancy.com/suitecrm-quickbooks-integration.htm). Has anyone had experience with BizTech or another reasonably priced Quickbooks integration tool?