Quick Repair/Rebuild for SuiteCRM 7.2.1 - using MSSQL

Quick Repair & Rebuild provides a script to execute on MSSQL to sync the VarDefs. This particular script fails -

03/18/15 14:23:04 [13480][4079df2b-41d6-03d8-1896-515eb34b8b28][FATAL] Executing repair query: Query Failed:CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX am_projectholidays_project_alt ON am_projectholidays_project_c (am_projectholidays_projectam_projectholidays_idb)::: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Cannot create more than one clustered index on table ‘am_projectholidays_project_c’. Drop the existing clustered index ‘am_projectholidays_project_ida1’ before creating another.

Is this still an issue in the latest release?

If so, I would recommend logging an issue on the SuiteCRM GitHub Repository.