Quick Repair and Rebuild issue in Suitecrm 8

When i run Repair and Rebuilt on Suitecrm 8, it gives option to Execute Database Queries so to
Sync the Database Structure with the Structure defined in the Vardefs.
When i click on Execute button, it shows a Blank page just like the mention image. I check Ajax request, it is working fine and also gives the response that Vardefs are synced.
Then i also check Database tables, changes are reflecting in Databases. Now the problem is every time i run Repair and Rebuilt, same Database Queries Script is present, and asking me to execute them.
It shouldn’t be like that to sync every time the same script.

Find a solution related this.
“This happen with MySQL 8 whereby it does not require length define for Integer field but CRM will always include length in the comparison causing the unmatch and prompt you for the repair.
You can execute the statement there is no harm. Just annoying that it keeps coming out.”
Pick that solution from following post :

We also checked that thing, install suitecrm 8 on another version of MySQL and didn’t face any issue like this.